Thursday, March 17, 2011

Honda CL350 Cafe Racers

Lately it seems like I’ve been running across numerous pictures of sweet little Honda CL 350s and CL 360s that the owners have either restored, or completely redone.

Woody’s CL350 Brat Tracker

More pictures can be found here, and the full build story can be found here.

MotoFiaccone 1969 Honda CL350

More pictures can be found here.


Joshua Hoffmans’s CL350 Cafe Racer

Picture found on BIKEEXIF here.

Rocket Garage Honda CL350 Cafe Racer

More pictures and information can be found here.

Rocket Garage Honda CL360

More information and pictures can be found here.

Guy Bolton’s Honda CL360 Custom

More pictures and info here.
I’ve been jonesing for a new bike project, and this popped up on craigslist in my area a few days ago for a good price.  If the owner can track down the title, I’m hoping to pick it up in the next few days:
honda_cl350_scrambler_2 honda_cl350_scrambler_1
Who knows when it last ran, and it’s missing some parts, but it should be a good challenge.  I just love the look of those high pipes with the perforated heat shields. I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

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